Wedding Audio

We want to provide the best audio possible for your feature.  You can expect to see professional wireless microphones on both the officiant and the groom during your ceremony.  You can also expect to be using our microphone during your reception for  speeches so I can capture the best audio for you. 


We work well with vendors and strive to give you the best day possible.  One of our goals is to keep you on track with your timeline during your day so you aren’t missing out.  You can expect us to be courteous and helpful throughout the day regardless if it is with video or anything else. 


We are very driven to give you the best feature possible.  We don’t just capture the video and do a quick edit.  We are color correcting, color grading, correcting audio and adding special touches to your feature to give you something that stands out.  


We want to provide you with the best feature you can possibly get.  From first look to family, we want to be there for you and capture all the things photography can’t.  Regardless of where your budget is, we have a solution for you.